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Chkhurram is a proud vendor of transportation services to several leading & prestigious organizations in the market and provides cars to companies & staff transportation services for organizations.

Chkhurram Passengers transport by rented buses offers an efficient, convenient and elegant way to rent a car, bus, hiace for everyone and at any time.

We at Chkhurram,

  • Value your time
  • Make it hassle free process to rent it out
  • Like to create new ways of getting around to ease the process for you

If you are looking for an affordable and trusted car/bus/hiace rental company, Chkhurram, Passengers is your company. Whenever you need to rent a car/a bus or a hiace, we are there to support your mobility needs, whatever they may be, on the internet (WhatsApp) in just 1 tap as well as through traditional means.


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We want to turn your dream of travelling in high-class vehicles at affordable rates.

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We are keen to win the satisfaction of our valued clients today & for the time to come.


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